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1965 Corvette Mako Shark TV Commercial AD

1965 Corvette Mako Shark TV Commercial AD Video

I was not sure what year this Vette was myself so shot an email off to Don Boeke "The Egyptian" Worlds Famous Custom Car & Motorcycle Painter from Dayton, Ohio that does specialize in old Corvettes, and about anything else on WHEELS! (or Skirts) ... heres some neat History he gave me.

"Was built in 1965. First viewing was in Oct 5th, 1965 in Michigan. (Private corp showing) Toured Europe (London, Turin, Brussels, and Geneva) late 1965, and early 1966. Was first viewed to the public in this country in New York in April 1966 DB"

Hey Thanks for the update and info Gyp!

If you ever need some Cool Paint or Pin Striping, he hangs out at 1953 East Third St, in Dayton, Ohio (Back in the Alley) his Phone is in the book under "The Egyptian"

And just for fun do a quick Google search for " PinStriping Don Boeke "



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