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Affiliate Program

Make 50% Percent Commission in our Affiliate Program

All you need to do is post links from your website with your tracking code in it, the automated system will allow you to see what sales have been made from the customers that you send to us.

The first thing to do is to Create your Affiliate Account.
Click Here:  Register New Affiliate Account
Fill in the Form, make sure that you complete all the Required Fields then just click Continue.
You will get this message at the next screen. Your Affiliate Account Has Been Created!
Your account must be approved before you can login. so in case I miss it, please send me a quick email to let me know that you made an account.
Once approved you can log in by using your email address and password by visiting our website or at the following URL:
Upon logging in, you will be able to generate tracking codes, track commission payments and edit your account information.

My Affiliate Account

My Affiliate Account
Edit your account information
Change your password
Change your payment preferences
My Tracking Information
Custom Affiliate Tracking Code
My Transactions
View your transaction history
Just Click Custom Affiliate Tracking Code under My Tracking Information then you can see the Following in the Screen.

Affiliate Tracking

To make sure that you get credit for the referrals that you send to us you need to place your tracking code in the URL's linking to us.
You can use the tools below to generate links to
Your Tracking Code:
Tracking Link Generator
Type in the name of a product you would like to link to:
Tracking Link:

Under Your Tracking Code Box you can see your Tracking Code Number just copy and save, you can use that in the Future.

REMINDER: Tracking Link Generator is Automatic Generates the Product Codes if not Just Refresh the Website or Hit F5.. if not just refresh again to clear the Cache. By the way, in this Area also you can not Copy the whole Title of the Product directly put in the box, you have to Type Only Few Letters or Numbers in the Box to Generates Automatic Codes.
if not you can not get the codes, so follow the Rules.. All the Products you wish to Link is all there so just Scroll Down and click the Product you Like..
Read Carefully:
1. Choose the Products you like to LINK, you can get this in Tracking Link Generator:
(example) 1955 Chrysler & Imperial Shop Service Repair Workshop Manual
(remember Type Only Few Letters or Numbers in Box to Generates Automatic Codes)
example of this product i type only: 1955 or Chrysler
2. Copy the name of the Product you Choose.
1955 Chrysler & Imperial Shop Service Repair Workshop Manual
3 Copy the Tracking Link Code.
here is the Generate Tracking Link below including Tracking Code Number.
4. Now i want to make Link of this example.
<a href="">
1955 Chrysler & Imperial Shop Service Repair Workshop Manual</a>
If you want to make the LINK that open in new TAB/ WINDOWS just edit the code and put this target="_blank" after Tracking code number.
just like this:
<a href="" target="_blank">
1955 Chrysler & Imperial Shop Service Repair Workshop Manual</a>
Here are other Examples and how to Link to the HOMEPAGE:
<a href="">
<img alt="Carburetor Shop Service Repair Manual PDF Download
style="width: 290px; height: 90px;" title="Carburetor Shop Service Repair Manual PDF Download" /></a></div></center>
You can change the width & height as needed, and change the Tracking Code to yours..
<center><a href=" Affiliate Code"> </a><br></center>
You can make as many link codes as you like to different products, or just one link to the home page if you prefer.
If you have any problems just Email me Contact us..


To save time, You need to Earn 20$ dollars or more before I will automaticly send your commission.

I will pay your commisions to you on the first of the month through Paypal.

But if by chance I missed it... just drop me an email and I will send your payment right away.

Also there is no minimum sales rquirement, if you have less in sales commissions and need the funds for any reason, just email to let me know.

You can view your Earnings in your Affiliate Account Under My Transactions click View your transaction history.

Do Not spam!     We have a Zero tollerance policy for Spam

It makes us look bad, and can also cause problems for us with our webhosting.

You are welcome to send emails to your personal friends as long as they know it is coming from you, or your opt in mailing list only.

Spam will not be tolerated and if you are reported.. you will be removed from the program immediately and loose any commissions you may have made.

You are welcome to post links on your own Facebook page and encourage others to share and like your post. But please do not post links on other peoples Facebook pages.

Feel free to post our links on any Online Forums that you may belong to as a useful post in an existing thread to direct someone to a manual they are asking about, but again, please do not start making new accounts at Forums just for making spam post, most likely the website owners will just delete your threads or post anyways.



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