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The Lima series engine is one of Ford’s most rugged propulsion systems. Arriving on stage in 1968, first as the 460 at Lincoln and then as the 429 at the other big Ford, this 385-series engine lasted until 1997 – a 30-year mileage that is astounding, given Ford’s propensity for change. Used in the Lincolns tugboat until 1978 and later in the full-size Fords and Mercurys, the 460 also made its way into the 31/44-ton E-350 trucks and vans from the 70s to the early 90s. This veteran engine can also be found in motor homes, on ships and even in stationary industrial applications.

Ford 460 engine

The cost of a full engine varies depending on the condition, but we’ve heard that it only costs $200. We bought ours for a little more from Memory Lane mainly as a full engine, including all accessories, because we were in a hurry and couldn’t find time to find a cheaper version. Adopt it and take it home. The Ford gods will smile at you.

The Model 460 and its 429 cousins are large, short stroke. The Model 460 uses a 3.85-inch stroke, while the Model 429 is only 3.59-inch. This makes the 429’s shift increase simple enough. The rod length is 6.605 inches, providing a ratio of rod length to stroke length of 1.71:1 with the 460. Most production units can withstand up to 0.060 inches of excess barrel, creating 472. If you want to find thick-walled castings, you can switch to 0.080-over (4.440″ barrel) and 477ci with a stroke.

460 Specifications

The Ford 460 cubic inch V8 engine has a cylinder diameter of 4.36 inches and a crankshaft stroke of 3.85 inches. Built before 1972, the 460-cycle V8 engine has 365 hp at 4200 rpm and 485 lb-ft at 2800 rpm. The compression ratio is 10.5:1, and fuel is supplied by a four-drum Autolite carburetor. Since 1972, the 460 has produced 212 horsepower at 4400 rpm and 342 lb-ft of torque at 2600 rpm. Compression ratio has been reduced to 8.5:1, and the carburetor is a four-barrel motorcycle unit. After the mid-1980s, the carburetors were replaced by electronic fuel injection engines with 245 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque.

Ford 460 engine part 2


The block length of 460 cubic inches is 34 inches, 32 inches wide and 30 inches high. The dry weight without gas and oil is about 720 pounds.

Ford 460 main bearing caps should be tightened to 105 lb and connecting rod bolts to 45 lb. Levers are tightened to 20 lb, and oil pump mounting bolts are tightened to 25 lb. Cylinder head bolts are tightened to 140 lb, and suction manifold bolts are tightened to 30 lb.


The 385 motor family can be identified by the number of bolts that hold each valve cap. If you count the seven bolts, you get 429 or 460 V8. All other Ford V8 motors have different number of bolts holding the valve cap. To distinguish between 429 and 460, check the orientation of the thermostat housing at the front of the motor unit. If it is facing upwards, it is a 460.

What modifications and replacements are available for the 460 Ford (several of them)?

Holley 0-80452

Holley 0-80452
Holley 0-80452

Holley replacement carburetors are designed to improve performance and legalize emissions. Refer to the application chart below for specific parts technical resources.

Factory repaired carburettors are NOT old, worn-out carburettors that have been repaired. They are carbohydrates that have been returned under warranty. When these carbohydrates are returned, we check them and in most cases there is nothing wrong with them. Usually they’re just regulated outside the working range by the installer.

Since these carbohydrates may show signs of a previous installation, it is our policy not to sell them as new. Instead of scrapping them, we make them directly available to the public. Not only does this help us control the cost of our new carbohydrates, it allows you to get a lot on the carburetor!

The factory’s Reconstructed Carbohydrates have been thoroughly tested. Any damaged parts that could affect performance have been replaced, and the carbhydrates are solvent-based before moisture testing on Holley’s modern flow test stands, allowing them to be recalibrated to the new carbon specifications. Carbohydrates repaired at the plant may have scratches, stains or other visual defects left over from the previous installation.

Edelbrock 9913

Edelbrock 9913
Edelbrock 9913

The Edelbrock 9913 Series 750 CFM Electric Choke Carburetor is a finely tuned, quality carburetor that can handle the rig’s harsh everyday driving conditions while delivering stable, reliable street performance day in, day out. Several features make the 9913 Series 750 CFM Electric Throttle Carburetor an outstanding street performance.

These carburetors have a two-part alluminium design to reduce operating temperatures and deformation. No gaskets below fuel tank level for fewer leaks, and no plastic parts or power valves to blow out. The metering rods in the carburetors are easy to change for fine tuning, and the main venturi amplifier has a lower-flow design for smoother acceleration and better controllability.

Holley 0-80508S

Holley 0-80508S
Holley 0-80508S

One of the most widely used holly carbohydrates of all time. Its double fuel inlets ensure that you get all the fuel you need, and its 750 CFM airflow makes it an ideal carbonate upgrade performance. Its vacuum second and electric throttle valves make it easy to use on a wide range of vehicles.

This carburetor is a direct replacement for all Ford Vehicles with a square suction manifold opening. These four barrels of Holly carburetor’s electric throttles are calibrated for excellent street performance and are easily heated. The 750 CFM carburetor features a dual fuel inlet, vacuum stopwatch and universal calibration for easy bolt mounting.

These Holley 4160 carburetors are easier to set up than full-rack carburetors with intermediate dosing units and twin pumps.

  • Upgrading productivity for warehouse stocks to lightly modified vehicles
  • Universal calibration for easy bolt fastening
  • Factory preset electric choke for easy start-up
  • Vacuum separators for use on different vehicles. Compensation for all vehicle weights, gears and transmissions to ensure a smooth opening of the separator.
  • Double fuel inlet openings for a constant supply of large quantities of fuel.
  • Ford A/T kickdown
  • Power valve burnout protection
  • 100% wet flow tested by Holley technicians to make sure it arrives ready to go!

Final result

Thanks to this source, now you know what modifications are available for the Ford 460 carburetor. Basic features and specification. You can easily improve your Ford and add even more power. Let your Ford be the Best!

460 Ford Upgrades