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1943 Ford GTB G622 / Burma Jeep Truck

Bill Max from Lancaster, VA who needed Holley Carb Information for his 1943 Ford GTB G622 / Burma Jeep Truck he is restoring sent in this interesting Information along with a few Photos.

(I'll just post his nice letter)

Dear Tim,

The disk for the Holly manual arrived in today's post, Thank you very much. It opens flawlessly and the manual is exactly what I need, I haven't had time to look at too many of the extra bits but they look like fun. Even the cardboard liner is a classic bit of auto memorabilia,

The Project that this is for is a Post November 1943 Ford GTB, G622 or Burma Jeep. It is a 1 1/2 ton military cargo or bomb truck, Ford allegedly built 15,000 of them mostly for the US Navy, Some did get to the Army and Army Air Corps also.

It is a four wheel drive powered by a 266 CID Ford Flat head six, The one I have appears to have started it life as a bomb truck and was converted to a cargo truck by the City of Fredericksburg Virginia. There is a badly faded inspection sticker on the windshield of mine showing that it was last inspected in 1979,

Although it looks very tatty most of the critical pieces are there and it runs (although not very well). It should be a fun project and when done I will have a rather scarce vehicle (they build 650,000 WW2 jeeps but only 15,000 of these,

Thank you again, You are a gentleman and a scholar among other good things,

I was just reading a ships history as part of research am doing for friends and one of its ports of call during WW2 and the early post war years was Cebu, What a coincidence,

Attached are a picture of what a Burma Jeep bomb truck should look like, and a picture of mine as we dragged it home, I have since removed the farby roof and am working on the brackets next to the winch,


Bill Max

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