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1957 Plymouth Belvedere

Lee Day from London England sent in this interesting Information about his 1957 Plymouth Belvedere along with a few Photos. Its being restored By Donnie in Tennessee, and the car will be shipped to Lee in the UK in about 6 months time upon its completion, hopefully Lee will send in some photos of his car when its done we can add here also.

(I'll just post his letter)


Donnie is president of the Christine Car Club and is building me a Clone of the movie car Christine.

My car is a 1957 Belvedere rust free body, on a 1958 Belvedere chassis.

In the book, Christine was a 1958 Fury, but Stephen King said she was red and had four doors, incorrect for a 1958 Fury.

Unfortunately an accident left Donnie injured and the car on Fire.

Luckily, the car was salvageable, Donnie is healed and the project is back on track.....hopefully to be completed in 6 months.

I've attached some photo's you're welcome to use. The magazine is from the UK and is called Classic American Magazine.



(check out )

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Lee Just sent in the link to all his other Photos of this project car to share, i'm looking forward to see it when its finished!

Click here to see more of Lee's 1957 Plymouth Photos

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