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Chevrolet Truck Parts Failures

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Chevrolet Truck Parts Failures

One of our Gang "Doug Pulver" sent me this Manual That he wanted to share with you all.

I cleaned it up some and have it uploaded now for everyone to download if you want it.

Chevrolet Truck Parts Failures / 31 pages / 2.98 MB

Analyzing Driver Related Parts Failures and How to Prevent them.

(Titled for Trucks but this info will also apply to cars)

There is some good information in this and I hope you can use it.

Download Instructions here

Right click on the link here below and select (save link as) then save to desktop or file folder of your choice.

It will then download to your computer for viewing when ever you need it.

Chevrolet Truck Parts Failures

(2.98 MB)

if you need free adobe reader visit


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